There’s a belief that things must be done a certain way in order to learn, and that the collective is more important than the individual when it comes to learning.

Long ago, we were forced to believe that we must learn together in a group setting, and it’s been that way ever since.

Anyone who goes against academia or proves they can learn on their own is often discredited or not taken seriously. Individualism isn’t celebrated like you’ve been told it is. Creative thinking isn’t celebrated because it’s pushed as being subjective, and subjectivity isn’t believed to be an absolute with those who are teaching us. Convenient for them, huh?

Ever notice the most creative and genius people of all time are often accused of having a hint of madness or suffer from personal issues? Is that true? Maybe there’s a conspiracy to discredit those people? Wait, is even suggesting that allowed? Does that make me crazy?

I guess if history books claim these people were geniuses, and verified that they’re alcoholics, drug addicts, obsessive, abusive, violent, and or suffering from some mental disorder, then it must be true. Right?

One Question: Did you know them personally?

Ever meet someone that has a reputation for being great at something. Like genius level great? but they have the reputation of being an a-hole, and then to your surprise after meeting them, you find you like them!?

Of course! It happens all the time. Funny how that works. It’s just sad we don’t dive deeper into understanding why that happens.

How many times have you said, “He or she doesn’t get along with other people, but I’ve never had a problem with them”?

Maybe that’s because they’re not the problem, maybe everyone else is, and on some level you understand them because you can see that those people making accusations are the real problem!?

When I’m left alone, I find that I can absorb more, excel, and learn at a faster rate than when I’m in a group setting. When I teach myself, what I’ve learned, sticks to my brain and guess what!? I’m not special.

There’s a part of you that knows this is true because you’re the same way. Most people are, but we’ve been programmed by those who need others to learn. They’ve taken over and brainwashed the world to believe that everyone needs help learning.

Ever teach yourself something without any help? Yes? Are you fighting the urge to discredit yourself and blow off what you learned because it was fun, or not deemed as “important” as something like law, medicine or physics? Why is that? Because a degree wasn’t attached? Because someone who calls themselves an expert wasn’t standing over your shoulder telling you how to do it?

When I watch my daughter get frustrated because she’s teaching herself something new, I fight the urge to teach her how to do it correctly and I give her the gift of struggle.

I don’t get off watching her frustration. I find satisfaction watching her figure things out, because I know it’s the best way to learn.

Learning is supposed to be hard, it shouldn’t be a breeze, and if something is too easy for you, instead of mastering it and walking away with a full-blown ego, challenge yourself to do more. Until you die.

I believe the only way to become smarter is by teaching yourself something new on a regular basis without any help, but the only way to do that is by teaching yourself something you want to learn. Something that brings you joy.

Btw, what’s with that guilt?

Yeah, that’s a bitch too. That comes from being a kid and told that you can make more money being a doctor or lawyer.

Go to college! Study something that pays well! Get married! Buy a home! Have children! Save money! Retire! Die!

I’m not writing this to discourage attending high school or college, I’m writing this to encourage self-education on top of what you’re being forced to learn from others.

Figure it out on your own. Think like a genius.

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