Brady’s 5 UFO Docs to Watch Now!

As  you know, if you listen to my show, I have a fascination with UFOs / UAPs. It’s a 45 year obsession. Over the years I’ve probably watched every UFO doc ever made. This is not a list of all of the best nor are they in any order, I’ll do that another time… but these are some of the best UFO docs I’ve watched.

If you’re a UFO nerd, have fun!

Moment of Contact (2022)
This movie delves into the Varginha UFO Incident, which started in the winter of 1996 when three teenage girls in Varginha, Brazil, encountered a creature about four feet tall with a large head and red eyes, which they referred to as “the devil.” The events that followed become increasingly bizarre. In his latest documentary, filmmaker James Fox explores this relatively obscure instance of a UFO “flap” through his thorough, interview-centric approach.

Out of the Blue (2003)
Presented as “the definitive investigation of the UFO phenomenon,” this 2003 documentary was first produced for the Sci-Fi Channel and has only gained in prestige since its release. It also served as the directorial debut for James Fox, whose name appears four times on this list. The documentary is celebrated for its thorough research and sober approach to a topic that often veers into sensationalism. Firmly convinced of the existence of UFOs, it advocates this belief with conviction, a bold move two decades ago that, following recent disclosures, seems prescient and has aged as well as the documentary itself.

The Phenomenon (2020)
In his 2020 sequel to “I Know What I Saw,” documentarian and UFO specialist James Fox integrates recent discoveries that have emerged in the ten years following the release of his earlier film, providing a detailed summary of what is publicly known about the U.S. government’s knowledge of UFOs (or, as officially referred to, UAPs). The documentary includes key details from The New York Times’ groundbreaking 2017 report on the Pentagon’s secret UFO program and combines it with new evidence. This film has received endorsements from both Jacques Vallée and the late U.S. Senator Harry Reid.

Ariel Phenomenon (2022)
Director Randall Nickerson spent over ten years collecting materials for his latest documentary, which narrates the tale of a significant extraterrestrial encounter and its psychological impact due to disbelief. On September 16, 1994, 60 children reported seeing a UFO at their school in rural Zimbabwe. Although initially dismissed, the group remains adamant about their experience nearly three decades later. “The Ariel Phenomenon” tracks one of these witnesses as she revisits the event’s location as an adult, accompanied by a BBC journalist and a Harvard professor, who together help validate her account and those of her peers for the first time.

Unsolved Mysteries, “Something in the Sky” (2022)
The enduring newsmagazine show has conducted numerous investigations into extraterrestrial encounters, yet this 2022 episode from its latest revival on Netflix stands out as one of the finest. It centers on the UFO sightings across West Michigan in 1994, involving multiple witnesses—including a National Weather Service meteorologist—who observed what they described as clusters of lights moving over Lake Michigan before vanishing suddenly. Built around first-person interviews, the episode doesn’t provide definitive answers but is undeniably captivating.

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