Today we were talking about recurring dreams.  I used to hear co-workers talking about “The DJ Dream” but I didn’t know what that meant.  Then I had a dream one night where I was in the studio but I couldn’t get anything to play.  That is the DJ dream.  I tried a CD, a record, a tape recording, an audio file on the computer but nothing would play.  The microphone was on and I spent a few minutes trying to just fill with a story but even that failed.

Man cooling off in refrigerator

My wife was telling me about a weird dream that she had and wondered why she doesn’t have dreams about pleasant things like spending time with her animals.  Or the dreams where it’s something unpleasant is happening and you wake up, but when you go back to sleep, you’re back in the same mess.  Why doesn’t that happen when you’re having a cool dream?

I’ve heard of people tricking their brain into recognizing that you MUST be asleep when that happens again.  I think that would be great to be able to KNOW I’m asleep next time I’m having that same dream.  I’ve had a flying dream a few times too so maybe I’ll get to try this when I find myself able to fly.  One thing I have disputed for years but recently proved to be true is that eating something sweet late at night gives you a sugar buzz and that triggers all sorts of weird dreams.  I’m told spicy food triggers wild dreams too.  I’ve had dreams of actually being shot in the back while trying to exit a scary situation.  It takes a few seconds after you wake up from a jolt like that to realize it is just a dream.  And every guy in the world has had their wife be mad at them for a few hours after she wakes up from a dream where he did something awful.  No amount of explaining will help so when that happens, just wait for it to play itself out.

My dad has shown up several times in my dreams though he passed away years ago.  It’s odd that it seems normal that he’s there.  I don’t ask, “What are you doing here?”  Do you have a recurring dream?  Maybe we’ll have Steve & Tiffany invite everyone to call with their recurring dream stories.  ‘Love to hear yours.


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