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UFO journalist Jeremy Corbell has released footage of what he is calling a “jellyfish” UAP spotted in Iraq in 2018.

The video was apparently taken at a U.S. joint operations base in Iraq, and according to Corbell, the object is officially designated a UAP — unknown aerial phenomenon — by the Pentagon. The footage was taken with thermographic/forward-looking infrared radar.

Reddit has been going crazy over the last 48 hours zooming in on the footage and a few frames look like there’s an alien in this vehicle! You can see the photos below. One is a drawing to help you make out what you’re seeing.

Drawing of alien
Zoomed in alien

The object, which does resemble a jellyfish, moved through a sensitive military installation before moving over water, where it began what Corbell describes as a controlled descent before submerging.

After 17 minutes, the UAP reemerged from the water and disappeared at a high rate of speed.

According to those familiar with the full footage or who witnessed the event, the UAP was not observable with night vision, appeared to jam the targeting capability of the optical platform and displayed positive lift without the usual means for lift and thrust, with no signatures for propulsion maneuvers present.

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