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Many of those whose names appear in the documents released Wednesday aren’t accused of wrongdoing or have been mentioned previously in legal proceedings or news accounts. The documents released Wednesday are not an Epstein “client list.”

One woman, “Doe 107,” whose name appears in the records, has been given 30 more days to make arguments to the court as to why her name should stay redacted. On Wednesday, it was announced a second inquiry, by “Doe 110,” is currently under review by the court.

Again, this is not the client list. That’s in the little black book that isn’t being released, so those people can be protected from accusations.

Who is Doe 107 and Doe 110? Hillary and Bill Gates?

Redacted = Either underage victims or the 2 non-victims that are fighting to have their names remained sealed.

Ghislaine Maxwell
Virginia Lee Roberts Giuffre
Kathy Alexander
Miles Alexander
James Michael Austrich
Philip Barden
Cate Blanchett
David Boies
Laura Boothe
Evelyn Boulet
Rebecca Boylan
Joshua Bunner
Naomi Campbell
Carolyn Casey
Paul Cassell
Sharon Churcher
Bill Clinton
David Copperfield
Alexandra Cousteau
Cameron Diaz
Leonardo DiCaprio
Alan Dershowitz
Dr. Mona Devanesan
Bradley Edwards
Amanda Ellison
Cimberly Espinosa
Jeffrey Epstein
Annie Farmer
Marie Farmer
Alexandra Fekkai
Crystal Figueroa
Anthony Figueroa
Louis Freeh
Eric Gany
Meg Garvin
Sheridan Gibson-Butte
Robert Giuffre
Al Gore
Ross Gow
Fred Graff
Philip Guderyon
Shannon Harrison
Stephen Hawking
Victoria Hazel
Brittany Henderson
Brett Jaffe
Michael Jackson
Carol Roberts Kess
Dr. Karen Kutikoff
Peter Listerman
George Lucas
Tony Lyons
Bob Meister
Jamie A. Melanson
Lynn Miller
Marvin Minsky
David Mullen
Joe Pagano
Mary Paluga
J. Stanley Pottinger
Joseph Recarey
Michael Reiter
Jason Richards
Bill Richardson
Sky Roberts
Scott Rothstein
Forest Sawyer
Doug Schoetlle
Kevin Spacey
Cecilia Stein
Mark Tafoya
Brent Tindall
Kevin Thompson
Donald Trump
Ed Tuttle
Emma Vaghan
Kimberly Vaughan-Edwards
Cresenda Valdes
Anthony Valladares
Maritza Vazquez
Vicky Ward
Jarred Weisfeld
Courtney Wild
Bruce Willis
Daniel Wilson
Andrew Albert Christian Edwards, Duke of York

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