I’ve been hitting the gym for 30+ years. You could say I’m more of an expert at what it takes to get back to the gym, because I constantly slack off BUT I always end up going back and this is how I do it….

It’s a familiar place. I’m on the couch, watching TV and an enormous amount of healthy guilt washes over me. My inner savage voice is saying “LOOK AT YOU! YOU LAZY, DISGUSTING SLOB! YOU LOOK PATHETIC! NOW GET YOUR ASS UP AND GET TO THE GYM!” but, I need to finish this movie, then I’ll go! That turns into months of not going to the gym because I constantly forget that all it takes, is simply putting on my gym clothes.

About 20 years ago I realized that if I just put my gym clothes on and didn’t force myself to go, that for some strange reason, I’d want to go.

After doing this a few times, I also realized that if I told myself I didn’t have to work out AND MEANT IT! I’d end up working out.

It sounds counterproductive to throw on sweats and or go to the gym and just walk out but it works! And that’s exactly what I do.

There’s been times where I tell myself… Ok, one lap around the gym, if you’re not into it, go home! And I have. MANY TIMES! I’ll walk in and walk right back out. Without guilt. Then the next day, I do the same thing, and there’s been times I’ve walked in and out on the 2nd day.

The trick is, not feeling guilty for leaving the gym immediately or worrying about looking stupid.

What ends up happening is me being back at the gym, working out and finding the other place that’s very familiar. That place where I look and feel great.

This isn’t one of those dumb head games people play with themselves. This is a way to correct your thinking and get it back on track and again, the key is making sure there’s no guilt.

Guilt should only be felt up until the moment you put your sweats on. I call it healthy guilt. After that, you can do whatever you want… guilt free! You have to give yourself permission to adjust to what’s coming. Permission to prepare! Permission to be lazy garbage!

If you struggle to get back to the gym, try my guilt free method!

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