Brady DeAngelo | November 11th, 2023

Adding ‘ish’ to the end of a time, when making an appointment, doesn’t fool anyone!


You: Let’s meet around 3:30ish.

Me: Sure, I’ll get there between 3:20 and 3:30 because I don’t want to make you wait, but I’ll be sitting there 15 minutes waiting for you because you’re telling me (without telling me) that you don’t care about my time. Cool. See ya then prick!

Adding ‘ish’ says “I’m a self-centered mess and your time means crap to me!”

Only add ‘ish’ to a time when you’re grabbing drinks or connecting with your dealer.

Look, I get it, you’re busy with a million things happening, a trillion excuses and you don’t want to commit to a time, then look like a dick when you’re late, BUT if you add ‘ish’ to the end of a time, you already look like one. Most people are just as busy as you, and don’t want their time wasted. Committing to a time and following through says a ton about who you are and how you live your life.

If you’re an ‘ish’ person, chances are you hit the snooze button over and over too, without concern for the sleep of the person next to you, and if you are a snooze button person, you’re probably late for everything. The two go hand in hand.

Solution: As crazy as this sounds!? Stop hitting that snooze button! Get your timing off to the right start each morning and it will set the pace for your entire day. As a result, adding ‘ish’ to the end of setting appointments, may stop.

Now stop being dick-ish!

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