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When the United States celebrated its 200th birthday in 1976, the Mint flooded the country with special edition bicentennial quarters. While most of them are still worth 25 cents, there are a handful that could fetch a much higher amount of money, experts say.

The reason some are more valuable than others is the government minted a small amount using 40 percent silver, according to Most of the others were “clad,” which is a process that combines layers of nickel, copper and zinc, per the U.S. Mint.

The most valuable of the silver coins – a 1976-S Bicentennial Silver Quarter – was auctioned for $19,200 just a few years ago, reports. Another sold for $13,500 in 2019, according to the website. What’s more is there are at least seven bicentennial quarters in circulation that are worth up to $7,000 each, the site reveals.
What types of coins have you set aside, hoping they’ll be worth something one day?

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