Witness, if you will, the dumbest person on earth.  At our previous home, we had built a barn that came with a tack room for saddles and all sorts of horse accessories.  The room never saw a saddle because my wife let all of the kittens play in that room.  When we moved, the cats came along but here, we didn’t have a barn so my wife bought a shed to go along with a 3 stall horse facility.  All was good until the weather started heating up.  

The Problem(s)

It started with mistake #1 being a roof with black shingles.  If you’ve already made the leap to, “That’s gonna get HOT” you are on point for the rest of the story.  But let’s see how much of this you can accurately predict.  To block the sun from the black shingled roof, my wife bought one of those gigantic tilting patio umbrellas.   That umbrella failed to make a difference at all and it now lives …on the patio.   

That umbrella gave way to not one, not two but 3 trees.  Keep in mind, we live on acres of trees but somehow, we needed more.  The trees look great and provided some shade but evidently not enough because the “cat room” is still really hot.  Mistake #2 was installing a window air conditioner.  That thing will cool anything to the point of making your teeth chatter but even it lost to the black roof.   Mistake #3 was to put up insulation on the wall facing the sun.  That made a big difference but still let the room heat up to 95 or more in direct sunlight so mistake #4 is emerging.  


And here is mistake #4.  Putting up R-30 insulation to keep the heat from the black shingles from heating up the entire room.  The southwest wall of the SHED and the roof are now insulated.  The room stays a comfortable 72 – 75 degrees even when the sun is lighting the place up.  

The real mistake in all of this was letting my wife fall in love with all of the kittens that moved into the barn.  But they’re all happy and now my wife is happy and that makes me happy.  We covered the insulation with some thin plywood to keep the little wrecking machines from destroying the insulation.  (Yes, ceiling and all ☹)  

Insulation 1

My wife loves that I’m handy and can do things like this.  Keep in mind, the guys who are not handy or are at least convincing that they can’t do projects like this are out playing golf on weekends or taking a boat out.  I’m wearing a tool belt and running power tools of all kinds. 

Insulation 2

But when you hear, “Happy Wife – Happy Life”, believe it.  

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