You Break It – You Buy It!

There’s an unwritten rule I live by. If you loan me something and something happens to it, I buy it.

No matter if I break it by accident!
No matter if it’s faulty!
No matter how old it is!
No matter if it was stolen and not my fault it was stolen!

I may lose you on this one….
No matter if I discovered it didn’t work after I brought it home.
I see this as my fault for not testing it out in front of the person who loaned it to me. That’s my stupidity!

You were kind enough to let me use your property because I was without. You loaned me something and while it’s in my possession, I take full responsibility for it’s return, in the same shape it left you. If I didn’t have the brains to know the shape it was in before I borrowed it, that’s on me!

That’s how this works!

BUT not everyone lives by this code.

What’s the most expensive thing you borrowed that broke in your possession? Also, what’s the most expensive thing that was returned to you broken?

Call my anytime line at 203-US-Brady and tell me the story!

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