Top 10 Signs You’re a Serial Killer

Why do so many people have a fascination with serial killers? You may have heard me talk about my fascination with serial killers on the air. We award actors trophies for their portrayal of them, we binge watch series centered around serial killers and we make money off them from books, trading cards, posters, and autographs. Many serial killers even have loyal groupies that write, visit and sometimes marry them…knowing they’re serial killers.

But Why? Do we just like to be scared? Are we fascinated by something we can’t understand? OR maybe it’s a little darker!? Maybe we see something in them that we see in ourselves!? If you’ve ever wondered if you have it in you to slice, dice and hide a body, here’s the top 10 signs you may be a serial killer…

1: What’s this “Empathy” You Speak Of?
Serial killers lack an understanding of empathy. Study after study has proven that serial killers (like your parents) just don’t understand. Serial killers know their victims are in pain and terrified but just can’t feel it themselves.

A recent dutch study revealed that serial killers don’t have an immediate response for empathy. They use it when it benefits them. Psychopaths only care about themselves if harm is inflicted towards them so they are empathetic to themselves, but when it comes to others…game over!

2: They’ll Charm Your Heart…And Maybe Eat it.
Many serial killers are masterful at charming their victims into the ground. Some like Ted Bundy and Rodney Alcala are attractive, smart and know how to talk to the ladies. Alca even appeared on ‘The Dating Game’ TV show and luckily his date lived to date again.

Even if they’re not the most attractive fella in the bar, they know how to draw victims in.

John Wayne Gacy may have lacked the looks but he was so loved by his community that he became a Democratic precinct captain in the Chicago suburbs in the 1970s. There’s even a photograph of Gacey with former first lady Rosalynn Carter and the photograph was signed, “To John Gacy. Best Wishes. Rosalynn Carter.”

3: Serial Killers Party Hardy!
To be a killer, it helps to drink like one. Many serial killers are big boozers and have other addictions. Jeffery Dahmer was such a big drinker that he almost let one of his victims get away when he was on a beer run. His drinks of choice were Rum & Coke and beer.

Ted Bundy’s favorite beverage was Mickey’s Big Mouth Malt Liquor… He also enjoyed red wine with his meals. Ted was in the habit of drinking alcohol before some of his slaughters both as a way to reduce his inhibitions and pump himself up for the big kill.

4: They Were Bed Wetters as Children
Experts look at the ‘MacDonald Triad‘ as a set of guidelines often used by forensic practitioners to analyze the likelihood that someone could be a serial killer. killing animals, fire starting and many kids that grow up to be serial killers, wet the bed early in life. Many do it well past an acceptable age.

5: Serial Killers are Blowhards!
Most serial killers boast about their accomplishments in life. That includes their kills. Serial killers like the Zodiak, BTK, David Berkowitz, and even Jack the Ripper thought they were above the law and taunted police. They do this to relive their crimes and drag out the pain they created, as well as attempting to brag about how smart they are.

6: Gotta a Penis?
According to the Serial Killer Information Center, started by Dr. Mike Aamodt, a professor of psychology at Radford University, his database has identified over 2,600 serial killers. Here’s the most recent data in the project…

  • 92.3% are men!
  • Women only account for 11 percent of all serial murder cases in the past century.

Leaving dudes the reigning kings of serial killing!

7: Serial Killers Aren’t That Bright
The Serial Killer Information Center also found that the average serial killer has an IQ of 94.7

Contrary to popular belief, serial killers aren’t THAT bright. An IQ 90 to 110 is usually considered “average” intelligence.

According to the data, a serial killer with average IQ is also most likely to strangle or shoot their victims. Serial killers who have used bombs show, on average, higher IQ, while those who used poison exhibited the lowest.

8: You’re Not Very Patriotic
Don’t expect most serial killers to care much about waving a flag or helping a homeless veteran. According to The Serial Killer Information Center, serial killers don’t typically serve in the military — only 23.9% did.

Btw, the Army is the branch most likely to include serial killers and the Coast Guard is the least likely.

9: Serial Killers Are Power Grabbers!
Serial killers are motivated in part by power and control! That need for power comes out as sexual thrills for many.

They enjoy murdering because it gives them power over life and death and according to a large percentage… it’s the ultimate satisfaction. Ted Bundy is an example of a power/control-oriented serial killer. Bundy would bring his victims to the edge of death and then bring them back to consciousness just to feel that dominance.

10: Did You Enjoy This List? You Might Be a Serial Killer!
I’m not saying you’re a serial killer if you did enjoy this but many serial killers enjoy the macabre. They collect body parts like bones, eyeballs, and fingernails. Ed Gein even created lamp shades, corsets, and other furniture out of human flesh. Many serial killers enjoy reading about their crimes and enjoy learning about the crimes of other serial killers.

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