Brady DeAngelo | November 12th, 2023

Over the weekend, I had the best tasting hot dog of my life, in town AND I’VE EATEN HOT DOGS FROM ALL OVER!

I can’t begin to explain the magic my mouth was experiencing. It was cooked so differently than anything I’ve ever tasted and when I asked how she cooked it, she wouldn’t tell me but It tasted slightly charcoal grilled, boiled and pan fried! And cooked to a masterful perfection.

But that’s not all! The bun! THAT BEAUTIFUL BUN was the most perfect hot dog bun my lips ever touched. Hints of butter, lightly toasted but toasted enough so you knew!
And of all the places I could have had the perfect most delicious hot dog, it wasn’t in any chain restaurant, hot dog stand, ball park or football stadium.

It was inside the most unlikely place you’d ever imagine too. It was at Fredericksburg’s only Indoor/Outdoor Flea Market. The Massaponax Flea Market!

My daughter and I were hungry and when I asked where the food vendors were, I was pointed to this building and told to order a sandwich because “it’s the best sandwich you’ll ever have!” I didn’t think much of that statement because food is subjective to an extent, so we didn’t order any sandwich’s but what we did order were hot dogs!

At first, I won’t lie, I was a little worried because this place was a little run down. The menu was hand written on paper and posted on the wall, the table and chairs looked like they were salvaged from, well… a flea market and the place was literally a hole in the wall! But, like the story goes, the best food is always at the hole in the walls!

Here’s the thing, as I was waiting (which seemed like forever) to get my dog, an old timer came in and asked “Is this the place that was handing out those turkey sandwiches last week as samples?” the lady said yes and he went on to tell her that it was the best sandwich he ever had. I started thinking, Hmmm, maybe there’s something to this and I started to 2nd guess my ordering choice but I’m glad I went with my gut, because now I know where to find the best tasting hot dog on the planet and possibly the best sandwich on the planet. I will return to find out soon and report back!

The Massaponax Flea Market is at 9040 Patriot Hwy, Fredericksburg. Less than 5 miles off exit 126 on 95, right on RT 1.

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