This week, I read an article about How to Prepare for the Time Change.  It still puzzles me when I see how bent out of shape people get over this.  I like when we switch to Daylight Saving Time because I flash back to being a kid and getting to play outside in the evening.  I still pick that time to do things outside.

bell alarm clock showing five minutes to 12

Even at different parts of my career when I was doing the morning show and getting up at 3:45 AM, I still liked the extended daylight hours.  I know a lot of our DC commuters are screaming, “Shut UP radio boy.  You’re not trying to sleep when the sun is still up!”  I understand that and I feel for those people.  Maybe some of the recommendations from the article will help you adjust.  Here you go.

Don’t Hooch Up before bed.  You may think you’ll fall asleep faster if you pour down some alcohol but the lab-coat guys studying this stuff say, that’s a bad idea.  You are supposed to establish a sleep routine.  Even on weekends.  Your body will know when it’s time to power down for the night and sleep.  If you shock the system, the system will fight back in any way it can.  Gradually alter your bedtime.  That probably starts tonight.  Start adjusting your bed time so when it comes to Saturday night/Sunday morning your schedule is already on point.

Spend Time Outdoors.  Everybody needs to do more of that but take this as another opportunity or a push to do so.  Your body tracks the sun, whether you notice it or not if you get outside and let it SEE the sun move across the sky.  They also said to, “Nap in Moderation“.  That means 20 minutes or so according to the experts.  Napping more will throw off your sleep pattern.   The last point was, Don’t Consume Caffeine Too Close to Bedtime.  If you still need to be told not to load up on caffeine from coffee, soda, chocolate or other sources before bed, you need to be hit over the head with a clock.

You’ve surely heard bickering and bills being proposed to stop following the time change cycle.  I’d rather keep it in play as is but maybe they could work more on that 4-Day Work Week we’ve been hearing about for years.  Those that have studied that say it works great for productivity.

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