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Roger Daltry is allergic to pot smoke; Roger Daltry yells at pot smokers

Roger Daltry does not like drugs. We’ve known that for a long time. It’s ironic, because he was in a band with Keith Moon…and John Entwistle…and Pete Townshend. Apparently with pot, though, it goes beyond disdain all the way to hate that manifests as an allergic reaction! His symptoms? His voice gets worse. Apparently there’s a noticeable difference between a Roger Daltry singing in clean air and a Roger Daltry singing while bathed in the smoke from marijuana cigarettes. The Who played Madison Square Garden last night in New York, and some kids (presumably) were smoking the reefer in or near the front row next to the stage. When Roger noticed he stopped and went on a rant, complete with expletives, and told the fans to stop. So if you go to see The Who at some point in the future, beware Roger’s allergy! Read theĀ full story here!

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