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Check out this video of a robot that liquifies and then escapes a tiny jail that scientists created for it, then the robot returns to it’s original form and it’s being shared a lot right now.
 My BS antennas went up immediately. You’ll see that who ever created it, used the stop motion technique. We can make a T-2, T-1000 style robot but it has to be filmed like an episode of Davey and Goliath or a music video for Tool in 93?
 Then I dug deeper and googled to see if any MSM outlets covered it and to my surprise, it was reported on back in January of 23 by a number of them.
Others questioned the authenticity of the video in the comments sections but one comment stood out when it was pointed out that there’s a clock to the bottom left hand corner showing it takes many hours for this to happen. Something I didn’t notice when I first watched the video because I was too focused on the tiny robot.
 I’m thinking, OK that can explain why stop motion was used but why not just speed the video up?! I honestly don’t know what to make of it but then another thought occurred
 Boston Dynamics! The company that releases videos of their Terminator looking robots that creeps everyone the f–k out!
Then my imagination got the best of me.
 Now I’m thinking of the realistic looking sex dolls that use silicon to look and feel human.
 The video of scientists in Japan that create robotic heads. The goal is to show how robotics can mimic facial expressions.
And then the worst thought popped up.
 What is that robot is very real. If we’ve come so far with tech that we can create everything we’ve already seen, why is this a shock? Why is this not believable?
 Why? Well, because it was once considered fiction. The animation and CGI used back then to create the T-1000 was advanced and our minds were blown when we saw it. We were convinced that this could never be reality. It was silly to even consider.
 But here we are!
 The only thing left to do is combine all of this tech with the advanced A.I. that is unfolding before our eyes in realtime. Wait, I take that back!
The advanced A.I. that is snowballing before our eyes in real time!
 Stop brushing off scientists and those working behind the scenes when they are making public statements and begging politicians to put a hold on the advancement of A.I.
Many are scared!
 If they are, should we be?
 The video of the liquifying robot was released in January of this year. Released before ChatGTP and the public being let in on the advancement of A.I.
A.I. has been around a long time but it wasn’t until the last few months that it’s really been in the public’s consciousness.
 Just because you don’t want to believe what you’re seeing, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe what you’re seeing.
 If what you’re seeing is so unbelievable, maybe you should spend some time and just do a little more researching?! Arguing on Facebook is a waste of time. Researching what’s happening in tech and sharing what you find is not! It’s important because we can’t trust the news to tell us what’s happening. We can only trust ourselves.
 Now excuse me as I log off, I feel like I’m writing the Sara Connor Chronicles.

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