Over the years, I’ve learned that the best way to keep your lawn equipment running well is to not neglect the care they need.  Over our recent move and all of last summer, I’ve broken that rule severely.  So before the growth season really gets rolling, it is time to get my string trimmer and at least one, maybe two leaf blowers back in the game.  They’ve been through a lot.

One of the leaf blowers was having trouble revving up all the way so I went to YouTube to see if I could find some info on how to adjust the carburetor.  (I didn’t know that’s how you spell carburetor BTW).  I have fixed a LOT of stuff by watching a video and then trying it myself but not this.  I failed badly.  There’s some kind of little set-screw under a little plastic factory plug that you have to remove.  I’ve been spinning wrenches since I was 16 but this ended with a pathetic thud.

No problem.  I may not know how in this case, but I know the right people.  Off to Morton’s Power Equipment.  Matt and the crew are working their magic as I write this.  I did some of the other stuff myself, like installing 3 new blades on my lawn tractor.  My wife thinks I have a problem but I love to mow my lawn.  I think part of that comes from mowing lawns when I was a kid and dreaming of someday owning my own land that needed to be mowed.  Here we are!  I even like to look back over the grass when it’s all cut and that smooth look of a perfectly groomed yard.  It’s dorky, I know, but I love that.

I also hate those little temperamental 2 cycle engines.  You can yank and pull a hundred times to get them started.  That’s why mine are in the hands of the pros right now.  When tuned up, they’ll fire right up.  I’ll let you know how their surgery goes in a few days when I get them back from Morton’s.  If you’ve got gear that needs some attention, go see these guys.  Or if you need NEW stuff, they’re even better.


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