My wife gives me a hard time about the little K-Cup rack.  For some reason, I always straighten up the labels to read correctly.  It would be more important if we had more flavors and then I’d have a reason to make them easy to read.  But when I see this little carousel of K-Cups, I just start straightening them up.  Especially if I’m just standing there waiting for the coffee maker to finish.


Call it my little mental defect.  I know people who really suffer from OCD and I fell for them.  For me, this is just another in a big collection of quirks.  I guess I have a mild case or like things to be orderly.  I am weird about things like batteries being stored in the same place.  Flashlights, tools and more have to go back in their designated spot.  That’s mostly because I can’t stand looking for stuff.  I had lost my little iPod so many times that is now HAS to be in the drawer of my nightstand.  Nowhere else.  When it’s NOT and I have to go looking for it, I get really frustrated because I know no one else stored it.  That’s why it has to go back to that spot.


As I write this, I realize there are a few other things that bother me.  I’m no Martha Stewart, but it bugs me to wear a polo shirt if the collar is out of shape.  I have to iron them.  I happen to work in a job where I get to wear jeans but also don’t want to look like I showed up to paint the place.  When a shirt or even a sweater is wrinkled, I cringe.  Wow.  I guess I am weird.  How ’bout you?  Does any of this freak you out?


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