We like living out in the sticks.  It’s fun to hang out behind our house and hear all of the frogs croaking away.  I hear a whippoorwill now and then.  (And yes, I just learned how to spell whippoorwill when writing this).  We’ve had a woodpecker stop by now and then.  Even an owl that was hanging out there for just over a week but he vanished.   We’ve had a few snakes show up but we had a patio and firepit installed and the workmen, who were afraid of snakes, took out a few.  One of the bad parts of being in the middle of nowhere is hearing coyotes nearby, like REALLY nearby.  My wife always tells me they won’t attack humans but I know she’s got my life insurance paid up and our agent on speed-dial.

Our neighbors sent over some deer pics when we first moved in but we never saw any.  After a few months, my wife actually said, “Tell the neighbors to stop Bogarting the deer”.   Well, last night, the deer finally showed up.  I grabbed my phone to click a pic as soon as they popped up next to the temporary horse pens we’ve got set up.  You have to look through the bars in this picture but you can see her standing there.

Deer 1

A few minutes later, a little baby deer showed up too but when I opened my velcro phone case, the little guy was gone back into the woods instantly.  But as I continued working on my project, they showed up again.  I always want to go have a conversation with the deer out here to let them know there are woods that go on for miles, to stay out there and stop standing in the road or crossing the road right in front of  vehicles.  But as the conversation begins, they just look at me as if to say, “Shut up radio boy.  Why are you out here anyway?”


We were trying to determine of that is a baby deer and an even smaller baby or if that is a small momma deer and her baby.  Who knows?  They’re both very small.  We have a safe place for them to hang out so let’s hope they take advantage of it.  And let’s hope they stay off of the roads.  Some nights, driving on Robert E Lee is like trying to drive through a petting zoo.

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