• Metallica singer/guitarist James Hetfield and Blackened Master Distiller/Blender Rob Dietrich have collaborated with Jonathan Drew, the founder and CEO of the Drew Estate tobacco company to make Metallica-approved cigars.
  • Hetfield and Dietrich received samples from the Drew Estate portfolio over the course of two years and kept a log of their preferences to help them choose a final flavor profile.
  • “The three of us connected and shared each other’s vision and story about where we’ve been, what we like to see, what is important to us now, and we all came up with what a Blackened ‘M81’ Cigar would look and taste like.”
  • The M81 is “dark, bold, rich, and powerful with alluring notes of espresso, leather, and dark chocolate,” according to Blackened. Dietrich stated that this flavor profile meshes perfectly nicely with that of Blackened whiskey.
  • What is your favorite type of cigar and flavor of whiskey?

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