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Lying to Congress While Under Oath


David Grusch raised his right hand and swore under oath before giving testimony that the United States government was involved in retrieving crashed UFOs and non-human ‘biologics’.


The penalty for lying to congress under oath is a federal prison sentence of up to 5 years. 


Neither the Pentagon nor any of the alphabet agencies have moved forward to charge David Grusch with falsifying testimony to congress.


Nor will they. 


Grusch testified that he has spoken to over 40 witnesses within the government that have worked on UFO retrieval programs. If any agency within the United States Government feels the need to bring charges against David Grusch, that would mean 40 witnesses would be mandated to appear before congress. As well as the Inspector General.


Keep in mind, the ICIG found his claims credible enough to move forward and testify before congress. 


With all of that said, the best thing that could ever happen to clear this up is David Grusch being brought up on charges of perjury.


I for one would love to hear from 40 more people who have testimony that relates to the claims David Grusch is making. 


But we know that will never happen. Don’t we?


Your move government!


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