Have you heard the one about Robert Plant, a lawyer and a lemon wedge?

I had no idea (okay I kinda did), but Robert Plant gets REALLY into squeezing lemons…into his tea. Zeppelin are headed back to court pretty soon for a retrial over the whole Stairway theft thing; they should win again because it’s pretty clear they didn’t purposefully plagiarize the song. Apparently though, last time they were in court a lawyer took notice of the way Robert sensually squeezed an unassuming lemon wedge into his (presumably) unsweet tea while he was being deposed. So what does the lawyer do? He grabs the wedge, of course! What person in their right mind wouldn’t?! The lawyer lost the case, but he’s still got the wedge! And he’ll be bringing that very same wedge back to court for the retrial (seriously, he says he’ll have it in his briefcase). He knows Jimmy P is into black magic, so he’s going to do a little black magic of his own to try and influence the verdict of the retrial…using the (already used) lemon wedge.

At this point it is unknown whether the wedge is being held and used for black magic against its will, or if it has turned on Mr. Plant. Anyway, here is the story.




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