Geddy Lee wrote a book…and obviously, it’s all about basses.

Geddy Lee’s new book “Big Beautiful Book of Bass” just got its release date (December 4th). It was also revealed that there will be three different editions for some reason. Why not? Here’s the info! And it really does look very in-depth for all you bass fanatics. Myself, though, all I need’s a Rickenbacker. Seriously, it’s on my Amazon wishlist. Just sayin’.


I’m sure we’d all prefer a new Rush album, but this is probably as good as we’ll get for a while.



Ron Burgundy, AKA Will Ferrell in “Anchorman”, has a new podcast coming out… Bohemian Rhapsody – the movie, not the song – is now the most popular music biopic EVER! New Joe Perry song and video! Are you ready for Christmas music NOW?! Metallica played a rare acoustic show the other night – here’s some videos! We’re playing Duane-era Allman Brothers all day long!