I read a news story this week that said the government will be ending FREE Covid-19 tests soon.  I don’t know when but I decided to get some now while they’re still free.  When they came in and I tossed the test boxes into our medicine cabinet, I had a minor flashback of when we were all just a few months into a pandemic.  One of the flashback images in my head was not being able to find common things like Clorox wipes.


Before all of this started, lots of homes and offices had canisters like this but rarely gave them a thought.  I remember seeing store shelves that were empty but still had the label indicating this is where those disinfecting wipes would be if they had any.  Not long after that, I remember buying a 5 pack of the large canisters at Costco or someplace like that.


Remember when hand sanitizer was gold?  I remember going to Target, Walmart and a few other stores to find those little pump dispensers that had been SO common until we all lost our minds and people started hording.  And don’t get me started on the toilet paper and paper towel rush.

I’m glad things have gotten back to normal, even if it is what they called at the time, “new normal“.  Another article I saw this week said Covid-19 is still the #3 cause of death in the USA.  …It is?  I thought we were way past that.  Paxlovid seems to help and now rivals are being developed.  You may still see a mask now and then but that’s about it.  One handy thing about these tests is that it’s not uncommon to have someone in your circle develop a nasty cold or those dreaded “flu-like symptoms” (remember that?) but within a few days, you’ll hear them report, “It’s not Covid” because they’ve been to the doctor for a test.  While supplies last, I can just go down the hall for that.

Free Test Kits

The tests SUCK by the way.  Have you done one of these?  You stick that swab up your nose to the point where it scrapes the inside of your skull.  I wonder what will happen when there is a charge for vaccines or tests.   Stay healthy and safe out there.

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