On websites and social media, most people write about their bad experiences.  I try to never do that but I also have to tell you about a fantastic experience this week.  My wife has been sending our income tax information to the same guy for 2 decades.  For some reason, he has never wanted the documents emailed to him.  Believe it or not, he still wanted my wife to fax the info to him.  Who has a fax machine anymore?  By the way, if you think you don’t have one, have another look at your printer.  Most of them still have a FAX feature.  

Our tax guy has moved to Texas but was still up for doing our tax return but this time, he’s asked my wife to FedEx him the stuff.  My wife is an identity theft nut so it took her a while to talk herself into doing that.  Now she wishes she’d scanned in the docs but the tax guy assured her all was safe with sending the stuff via FedEx.  

My wife got the packet from the FedEx office on Southpoint Blvd and off went a pile of information to the tax preparation guy.  We even got a photo (albeit blurry) confirming the package resting at the recipients home.  Unfortunately when talking with our tax guy, he said he never got it.  Immediately my wife is running around our house fretting about who now has our social security numbers and every number associated with the two of us.  “They’re going to steal our identity”.  “We’re financially ruined”.  “Why was I so stupid?”  “I’m always SO careful.”  “Some Porch Pirate has our social security numbers” and so on.  

Proof it was delivered

When she called the FedEx customer service line, it seemed like she’d connected with a black hole where messages go to die.  I stopped in and talked with 2 nice ladies at my local FedEx office on Southpoint Blvd.  As I told them what was going on, the first thing they did that impressed me was listen and showed some concern.  That alone was great.  Then, they looked up the tracking number, found the office near Fort Worth TX, contacted the manager there who tracked down the driver who revisited the address he’d taken the package to.  At one point, my wife even looked up the real estate listing of our tax guy’s house to see if there was a place where the concrete met the brick like the photo.  She said there wasn’t but I just knew it was the same brick pattern.  It was and the package had arrived where it was intended to go. 

As the driver was walking around the house looking behind bushes, my tax guy came out and asked what he was doing.  He explained the AWOL package and said he was sure he’d delivered it there.  My tax guy assured him no FedEx packages had arrived.  Then the driver said, “I can see one on the floor through the window of your office.  Did you check that?”  The tax guy said, “that’s the one I got from Florida”.  However, upon further examination, it was the envelope from us.  (If you are contacted by someone in a panic about a lost package, wouldn’t you check ALL of the packages you’ve received from that carrier?!!!)  

Back to the girls at FedEx. They couldn’t have been better.  I think I’ll be buying some cookies or cupcakes or something and dropping off a care package.  Just because they CARED about my wife’s lost PACKAGE.  You made our day ladies.  Everything I send out will now go via FedEx and probably from your location.  Well done. 

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