Over the years, I have spoiled my wife by keeping the water tanks clean for her horses.  In the process, I’ve also spoiled the horses and I guess I’ve spoiled myself at the same time.  I don’t know where all of the crap comes from that shows up in the horses’ water tank but there seems to be a lot.  It grosses me out to see it now so I spend a good portion of my life power washing the tanks.  What is that SLIME?


Again this week, I tried to just rinse them out with the garden hose but I guess our well pump comes up short on water pressure because the slime in the tank laughs that the stream of water. 

Blast it!

Back to the power washer.  I think these things are great.   They have tons of pressure and will clean everything. 

Power 2

Years ago, when working on a project, I gave the power washer wand to my wife while I did something else.  She pulled the trigger less than 6 inches from my leg.  She was giggling and saying she was sorry she got me wet.  That’s when I rolled down my sock and she saw the blood everywhere.  That much pressure can tear you up at close range.  These things have POWER.  I still have what looks like the mark of Zorro on my ankle from that.  

But look how clean?


That pressure is great for cleaning a trough though and when you do, the horses get happy.  Look at that face.  

Take this stupid fly mask off before my friends see me

And that makes my wife happy. 

Just add water

What a difference
I can’t handle it when I walk by their water trough and see some sort of brown liquid in there where water is supposed to be.  The part I hate is getting the bad water out before putting the good water in.  You have to syphon it out with a hose.  Luckily there is a low part in the woods of our property so it drains off in no time.  What gets me is that the clear water lasts less than a week right now. 

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