See these photos of junk food? That’s everyday life for me at the radio station!

It’s 2024 and most people don’t want to deal with this temptation. People are getting healthy! People are losing weight! People want to look good, feel good and they want the right things going into their bodies!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that my manager brings doughnuts and other junk food in for the staff. It shows appreciation but the temptation to eat that garbage kills me. I also realize, that’s my problem and nobody else’s but here I am, complaining about it!

Do you work someplace where there’s ALWAYS junk food? What other snacks and junk food are you constantly fighting to keep out of your face?

3 Ways To Fight The Temptations!
1: Train yourself to fight it off! White knuckle it and pretend it’s not a problem. Just keep walking!

2: Bring your own food to work every day. On Mondays, consider stocking up on bananas, oranges, nuts and other healthy foods to keep in your work space.

3: Get yourself fired by throwing away all the junk food in the office evetime it pops up. Then replace the junk food with little notes that say “You’re welcome, now you’re not getting fat!”.

Good luck with #3 if you decide to do it. Also… R.I.P.

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