Climate Change Could Force the Loch Ness Monster Out of Hiding

There’s finally something GOOD that could come from climate change:  It could force the Loch Ness Monster out of hiding . . . finally leading to an official discovery!

(That’s assuming that the Loch Ness Monster coming out of the water and into public would be a good thing.  Which, now that I think about it . . .)

The British tabloids say they’ve talked to experts, who believe Nessie’s food sources could be impacted by rising temperatures and a more volatile climate.  If that happens, Nessie could come OUT of Loch Ness in search of food.

A rep for a local climate action committee says that something needs to be done because, “Nessie is the most important monster in Scotland.”  (???) It’s unclear what Nessie eats . . . although it would be bad if it’s HUMANS. But it’s not just Nessie.  Other, non-monster species could be in trouble.  Officials say changes in climate will have a “drastic” impact as animals struggle to adapt to changing habitats.

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