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I’ve heard stories about people impersonating police officers . . . and even doctors.  But it’s a LOT harder to pull off when you look like you’re 12.

A while back, a baby-faced 17-year-old was caught impersonating a physician’s assistant in Corpus Christi, Texas.

His name is Zachry Bailey, and he “worked” at a hospital for about a month last year, before people finally realized he was just a KID wearing scrubs.  He pleaded guilty a few months back, but it wasn’t a one-time thing.

He’s like the DOOGIE HOWSER . . . of con men.

Zachry was just arrested again in Oklahoma on Sunday . . . and in his mugshot, he could still pass for 12.

He’s in trouble now for allegedly defrauding a dealership of more than $100,000.  And that’s a problem, because he was on a deferred sentence from the case when he was pretending to be a doctor.

After he was arrested, officials said that “authorities in other states” are still interested in speaking with Zachry about impersonating doctors AND another incident where he was found driving an old police car and was planning to impersonate an OFFICER.

For the record, Zachry did an interview with a nurse on social media earlier this year, and he claimed the hospital situation was a MISUNDERSTANDING and that he never meant to pretend to be a doctor . . .

He said he was just “observing” a workplace, because he was interested in pursuing medicine as a career.  He said he never actually treated anyone, but he did save someone’s life who was having a stroke in the hospital parking lot.  He took him into the E.R. because he had access . . . but who knows.

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