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Brady DeAngelo
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In a picturesque episode of Palm Coast, Florida, a local resident, Shawn Madden, aged 40, found himself on the fast track to a less-than-pleasant vacation spot – the county jail. His journey began with an Oscar-worthy performance captured on the body camera of Flagler County’s finest.

Madden’s repertoire of misdeeds resulted in a symphony of charges: exposure of sexual organs (how charming), an impromptu performance of assault on an officer (a true thespian), a melodious outburst of disorderly intoxication (courtesy of alcohol, of course), and a dash of resistance against officers, though, thankfully, not the action-packed kind you see in movies.

Our story unfolds on the charming Wedgewood Lane in Palm Coast. The script’s catalyst? A concerned citizen’s phone call reporting a man who had seemingly mistaken the road for a stage on which to display his belligerence and engage in a spirited debate with a woman. A performance piece for the ages, no doubt.

When the deputies made their grand entrance, they were greeted by the shirtless Shawn Madden, whose behavior could only be described as “aggressively theatrical.” In a scene worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, he was caught on bodycam video shouting dramatic threats and showcasing an attitude fit for the big screen. One can almost hear the deputy’s inner monologue, “How much have you had to drink, dear Shawn? Please, do tell!”

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