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Her name is Neusha Afkami. (Nyu-shuh Uff-KAH-mee) The driver says she got upset when she saw how long it would take to get there, and wanted them to drive faster. But apparently they wouldn’t.

So out of nowhere, Neusha grabbed the driver’s phone and chucked it out the WINDOW. Which you’d think would just delay her even more, but she had a plan.

When the driver pulled over to grab the phone, Neusha hopped in the driver’s seat and STOLE THE CAR.

The driver called the cops, and airport security stopped her before she boarded her flight. They found the car abandoned in front of a Southwest terminal.

Neusha couldn’t have been running THAT late, because she still managed to stop at a store inside the airport . . . and bought more than $120 worth of stuff with the driver’s credit card. She’s facing charges for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

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