Are you ready for Christmas music NOW?!

Clapton’s got a new Christmas album out! Because why not?! Needless to say, it’s bluesy. It’s a blue White Christmas. See what I did there? Dylan did a Christmas album a while back. The Boss did one. Am I blogging about a song from one of theirs? No! And I love both of them! Out of the three, I think Clapton more than the others has the chops, the voice and the background to do it right. Don’t take my word for it though!





Metallica played a rare acoustic show the other night – here’s some videos! We’re playing Duane-era Allman Brothers all day long! There’s ANOTHER new Bohemian Rhapsody clip out! Geddy Lee wrote a book…and obviously, it’s all about basses. New interview with Jimmy Page from CBS This Morning! The Red Hot Chili Peppers cover Hendrix!