Are you ready for Christmas music NOW?!

Clapton’s got a new Christmas album out! Because why not?! Needless to say, it’s bluesy. It’s a blue White Christmas. See what I did there? Dylan did a Christmas album a while back. The Boss did one. Am I blogging about a song from one of theirs? No! And I love both of them! Out of the three, I think Clapton more than the others has the chops, the voice and the background to do it right. Don’t take my word for it though!





Awesome new Don Felder tune – featuring Sammy Hagar, Bob Weir and Joe Satriani! David Gilmour randomly mixed the sound for Jimi Hendrix’s performance at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970! Alec interviews original Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty! The opening scene of “The Dirt” Motley Crue biopic seems a little NSFW… AC/DC are done recording their new album? Black Zeppelin? Led Sabbath?