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A doorbell camera recorded a disturbing incident involving an Amazon delivery driver in Southern California. After delivering a package to a home, the driver’s actions were caught on camera, revealing a shocking sequence of events.

The driver initially placed the package on the front doorstep and appeared to take a picture of the undamaged box. However, what happened next was truly unexpected. The driver retrieved the package, and to the homeowner’s astonishment, began repeatedly stomping on it.

Mandy Martinez, the homeowner, was inside her Santa Fe Springs home on a Monday when she heard a series of loud noises coming from outside. Confused by the commotion, she decided to review the footage captured by her Nest camera. Although the driver briefly concealed his actions behind a pillar, it was evident that he was deliberately stomping on the package. After subjecting the package to this rough treatment, he forcefully threw it back onto her porch.

Mandy expressed her bewilderment, saying, “I really want to know what he was thinking? Like why he decided to do all that.” By the time she went outside to investigate, the driver had already departed.

Subsequently, Mandy reached out to Amazon to report the incident, and the company promptly agreed to replace the $350 router. As for the consequences the driver may face, that remains uncertain. ABC7 reached out to Amazon for comment, but they have not received a response at this time.

The motivation behind the driver’s unusual actions remains a mystery. According to neighbors, they have not seen him making deliveries in the area before, adding an additional layer of intrigue to this peculiar incident.

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