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Rush - Tom Sawyer

U2 - New Years Day

Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

Jurassic World - Official Trailer

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As AWESOME as this is, all I can think about is WHO's GONNA CLEAN THIS UP!!!
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So wrong to laugh at the young man, but heck his aunt did!
And she thought she just had to watch her back at the office!
Sooo who do we blame for this incident? The parents, the school, or is this just a way for him to get a cool nickname like "HOT BRITCHES"
You're telling me that you have all these people around you yelling and running, yet you didn't know there were 3 big horned animals behind you? That's literally BS! 
Adults always say "Well if they jumped off a bridge would you?" Of course not, but a exercise ball is different. #FACEPLANET!!
This guys motto "GO BIG OR GO TO JAIL!!" he did both! lol.
Well played Sir! Well played.
I'm sure the policeman has an whole new definition for JOY RIDE now!
The best thing about watching a moron is that you get to learn from their mistake without being hurt..............hopefully!
This is what happens when a man says "Hell! I don't need to get a new grill, I'll just take the stove outside." SMH bad idea.
We're going to bet this lady did not have one successful picture day while in High School.
There's no one like the cousin that never went to engineering school or anything, but can fix everything with ducktape, a wire hanger, all for a case of beer. Check out what this guy did, definitely gets the award for backyard Macgyver.The Poor Man's
Soooo have you ever tried to help a friend with their fear. This guy did, but I don't know if it worked out, lol.
Good times, bad idea, but thats what usually makes good times. We would just loved to have been at their job when they explained what they did over the weekend.
Ahhh!! FOOTBALL IS BACK!!! Pre-games are going on and there's high hopes for teams and players this year. But WTH are they talking about hahaha.
This prisoner took the phrase "SMALL WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY" literally. Looks like that 1hr a day for physical activity paid off, he seem to have gotten a lot of cardio with the way he was running. I think we'll name him the Ginger beard Man.
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