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Battle of the Bands 2013 Performers


The Cosmonauts are a band of the rock and the roll from Fredericksburg, VA. They have played everywhere from The National in Richmond to their local 909 Saloon and, having just released their first album,Be Prepared... I Just Might Die, The Cosmonauts hope to bring Rock and Roll to eardrums around the world.


Back again Southern Slop was formed in 2002. This heavy southern fury will astonish you. Putting the pedal to the floor, this band is trying to get their name established by turning heads everywhere. All songs performed by this band are original's however they sometimes throw in the occasional cover song to get the crowd rolling!. ex: Mississippi Queen by Mountain , Johnny B Goode by Chuck berry , etc.etc.



SKYROCKET DOWN a 4 piece alternative rock band from Orange. They've been together as a band for 3 years but each of us has been playing music for over 15 years.  They call themselves alternative but they incorporate everything from Hard rock, to pop or punk.  They're relatively unknown even in our home town and we want to change that.  They don't think they sound like anyone but themselves but the closest thing they could list as influences would be Foo Fighters or Pixies or Nirvana.  They have recently been submitting to play local shows around Va. and will start playing locally starting in June. 

Shelter formed and pursued a musical career in Fredericksburg, Va in 1999 at a very young age. Initially playing churches and small venues, Shelter learned along the way to keep their eyes upon the Lord in the midst of failings and short comings. Music was their lives, and using music to reach out to the lost was there ministry. Shelter was influenced by Third Day, Newsboys, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Shelter uses Gibson and Fender guitars, Pevey and Line 6 amps, DW drums, Laguna Bass Daddario Strings, and 5 A pro mark drum sticks.

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