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People always ask me where "Christal Blue" came from.  The short answer is: my father is a sailor who digs Tommy James.  Yes, as in the song Crystal Blue Persuasion.  The "persuasive" part is up for interpretation.  I would love to persuade you to check in here from time to time.  You'll find tid bits about my favorite artists, stories I think you'll find interesting, and (when the mood strikes) my humble opinions.  
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Um. I guess this is a good thing?

by Christal Blue posted Jul 25 2013 12:24PM
I don't usually like to think of anyone DYING, but if you're gonna make the statement that you can "now die happy" I guess Ozzy Osbourne has every right to.  Check it out:
Posted via Zocle
07/25/2013 12:24PM
Um. I guess this is a good thing?
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