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I was raised on radio and rock. I grew up around radio stations where my dad worked and got hooked on it at an early age. Yes, that's my real name, and I do play the guitar, just not nearly as wellas that other guy with my name. I feel lucky to be able to play the music I love for you every morning on the Rock.   Thanks for Rockin' with us!!


The first single from the new boston album!

by Jeff Beck posted Oct 29 2013 5:15AM
Boston will release their new album "Life, Love & Hope" in December. Here's the first single. What do you think? Does Boston still have it?

BOSTON - Heaven On Earth (Official / 2013 New Studio Album)

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10/29/2013 5:15AM
The first single from the new boston album!
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11/04/2013 1:14AM
Yeah, but...
no Brad, no Boston. Oh, and I already have this album. Basically Corporate America the redux. Guess Donald ran out of songs in about 1978.
12/17/2013 8:39AM
The latest Boston album/CD is embarrassing
I still listen to the old stuff and really like's really good work! This latest release is very disappointing and as a die-hard Boston fan...I find it quite embarrassing
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