The Rock Club

The Rock’s 96 Reasons Contest

Contest Rules

Contest begins 10/21/13, and continues each weekday for at least 3 weeks.  The Rock reserves the right to extend the game.

Each weekday, an advertisement will be published in the Free Lance-Star newspaper and posted online at  That advertisement will contain a “reason” why to listen to 96.9 The Rock.

A weekly list of “reasons” will also be emailed to members of the Rock Club.

At approximately 7:20am each weekday, the Rock’s host will ask for the 9th caller at the station’s contest line: 540-735-0969 or 877:900-9690

That caller will be given the chance to recite that day’s reason.  They must recited it exactly as it is written.  If they do, they win $100.

If they are incorrect, the host will move on to the next caller, and continue the process until the money is awarded.

Please allow 2 weeks for winners checks to be processed.

One winner per household for this contest.

All other standard Star Radio Group rules apply

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