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I play rock like rock music.  We were made for each other.  I bet we have a lot of other things in common.  I start every morning off with a Mountain Dew, and can be talked into a donut with very little effort.  While I love being on the radio, I love going home to the love of my life, my daughter Samantha, even more.  If I have any spare time, I'm off to the Spotsy Towne Centre, Central Park, and when I can, the malls in Richmond.

Lived on this in the 90's....

by Mckenzie Rae posted Jan 15 2014 11:02AM
Do you remember the point system?  I lived on 0 point soup in the 90's.  I would swap out the 6 cups of veg broth for 3 fat free beef, 3 fat free chicken.  It's yummy.
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01/15/2014 11:06AM
Lived on this in the 90's....
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