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I was raised on radio and rock. I grew up around radio stations where my dad worked and got hooked on it at an early age. Yes, that's my real name, and I do play the guitar, just not nearly as wellas that other guy with my name. I feel lucky to be able to play the music I love for you every morning on the Rock.   Thanks for Rockin' with us!!

Posts from January 2014
by Jeff Beck posted Jan 30 2014 9:25AM
Motley Crue have announced their retirement, but the're going out in style, on tour. Listen next week for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see them at Jiffy Lube Live on August 22nd.

Exclusive: Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil on Their Rise to the Top and Saying Goodbye

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by Beck posted Jan 27 2014 12:35PM
Billy Joel will be performing solo at Nationals Stadium in DC July 26th. Tickets go on sale February 1st.Log on to  for a chance to win a pair of reserved seats. And check out this video of Billy Joel at a Q & A session at Vanderbilt University. A student in the audience asks if he can come on stage and play a song with Billy, and Billy says yes.
Use the embed code above for the youtube video : 
by Jeff Beck posted Jan 22 2014 9:13AM

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Will Perform Together at Beatles Tribute

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by Jeff Beck posted Jan 21 2014 7:47AM


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by Jeff Beck posted Jan 15 2014 6:20AM

Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Fallon sing Chris Christie 'New Jersey Traffic Jam' song

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by Jeff Beck posted Jan 14 2014 6:47AM

Welcome to the World’s Largest Vinyl: Record-breaking Eagles record now spinning on top of L.A.’s Forum — VIDEO |

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by Jeff Beck posted Jan 8 2014 8:28AM

Beatles Reunion? Paul and Ringo May Perform Together on 'Letterman'

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