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I was raised on radio and rock. I grew up around radio stations where my dad worked and got hooked on it at an early age. Yes, that's my real name, and I do play the guitar, just not nearly as wellas that other guy with my name. I feel lucky to be able to play the music I love for you every morning on the Rock.   Thanks for Rockin' with us!!

Posts from December 2013
by Jeff Beck posted Dec 19 2013 6:57AM

Godzilla (2014) Official Teaser Trailer

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by Jeff Beck posted Dec 18 2013 8:56AM
Paul McCartney was at a Brooklyn Nets game the other night when the promo staff came out throwing t-shirts into the crowd. Paul, like any other fan, reached for but just missed grabbing one. Nice to see a mega star acting like the rest of us. 

Paul McCartney at the Sixers Nets Game 76ers vs Nets December 16 2013 NBA 2013 14 Season

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by Jeff Beck posted Dec 12 2013 7:57AM
You could own a piece of Aerosmith history. They are selling a number of used road cases, all with the Aerosmith logo stenciled on the side.
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by Beck posted Dec 10 2013 8:46AM
The Rolling Stones 2014 Tour will begin in Australia. Keith Richard took some time to talk to 60 Minutes Australia about the band's early days
by Jeff Beck posted Dec 5 2013 9:24AM

The Rolling Stones Announce '14 on Fire' Tour of Asia and Australia

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by Jeff Beck posted Dec 4 2013 11:24AM

33 Years Ago: Led Zeppelin Break Up

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by Jeff Beck posted Dec 3 2013 9:53AM

Keith Richards Returning for Another 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Movie

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by Jeff Beck posted Dec 2 2013 8:42AM

Man Tosses $1,000 into MOA Rotunda, Gets Cited

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