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I was raised on radio and rock. I grew up around radio stations where my dad worked and got hooked on it at an early age. Yes, that's my real name, and I do play the guitar, just not nearly as wellas that other guy with my name. I feel lucky to be able to play the music I love for you every morning on the Rock.   Thanks for Rockin' with us!!

Posts from November 2013
by Jeff Beck posted Nov 26 2013 11:04AM

Tom Scholz Explores 'Life, Love & Hope' on Boston's New Album

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by Jeff Beck posted Nov 25 2013 6:34AM
The Breaking Bad box set is out tomorrow and it contains some great special features. There's the "Malcolm in the Middle" alternate ending and then there's this : Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reading the script for the finale episode. And when they get to the end, they don't even know what to say about it . . .. .

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul read 'Breaking Bad' finale for first time: 'It's perfect'  - NY Daily News

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by Jeff Beck posted Nov 19 2013 9:02AM
Some people are complaining that the new K-Mart commercial for JoBoxers is offensive. I think it's a classic. What do you think?

Show Your Joe

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by Jeff Beck posted Nov 18 2013 6:07AM
The "Breaking Bad" complete series box set is coming out next week.  And there's a pretty great special feature on it, which was leaked online.  It's an alternate ending that reimagines the whole series as a DREAM that takes place in Bryan Cranston's old show "Malcolm in the Middle".  Cranston wakes up as his "Malcolm" character Hal, and he's in bed with Lois, who was played on the series by Jane Kaczmarek.  

Breaking Bad Season 5 Alternate Ending (Full)

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by Jeff Beck posted Nov 15 2013 10:34AM

Led Zeppelin Readying Unreleased Material for New Box Sets

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by Jeff Beck posted Nov 11 2013 11:59AM
One of my favorite Beatles' albums is Rubber Soul. It was the first album to feature all original music. The band finished recording the album on November 11, 1965, and it was released on December 5th  just in time for the Christmas shopping market. The UK and American versions are somewhat different, but the UK version has become the standard over the years. Read more here. . 

38 Years Ago: The Beatles Finish 'Rubber Soul'

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by Jeff Beck posted Nov 8 2013 9:33AM
One of Led Zeppelin's greatest albums was released on November 8th, 1971. It had no title, so it has always been referred to as "IV", their fourth album. Here's some facts about the album you may not have known . . . . 

10 Things You Didn't Know About Led Zeppelin 'IV'

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by Jeff Beck posted Nov 7 2013 12:08PM
Just in time for the Holidays, Heart has released two new Christmas songs. You can listen to them here :

Exclusive: Hear Two New Christmas Songs from Heart

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by Jeff Beck posted Nov 1 2013 11:41AM

40 Years Ago: The Who Release 'Quadrophenia'

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