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Chaz Mixon was born in Baton Rouge and grew up in Amarillo.  From his earliest years he took a serious interest in music and the concert business.  It was commonplace to hear heavy tracks like Billion Dollar Babies and Aqualung blaring from the open windows of his parent’s house. After landing at the University of Texas, Arlington Chaz knew that his life was destined to be spent on the air.  He proceeded to do that for the next decade and a half on the biggest rock stations in Dallas.  Chaz loves sports (especially Dallas teams) and he’s a fan of shows like Breaking Bad, Fargo and Ray Donovan.  He’s got a busy family life with his wife Kathy and their two twenty-something sons: Josh and Jeremy.  Chaz still manages to find the time to get some practice in on his 12 string acoustic.  It’s his way of recharging after a spending the morning rocking out, telling stories and helping you get your day in gear.

Posts from July 2013
by Jeff Beck posted Jul 31 2013 4:20PM
(Don't Fear) The Reaper was released on this date in 1976. The single became the biggest hit for Blue Oyster Cult. Written and sung by guitarist Buck Dharma (Donald Roeser), it went to #12 on the charts and the album, "Agents of Fortune" went platinum, and gave the band mainstream success. The famous cowbell was added to the song as an overdub after the recording was finished, and is memorialized in the  Saturday Night Live sketch with Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell, who wrote the script for the skit. Check out the video, and a great story about it below.

Snl Gotta Have More Cowbell - Original Skit

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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 30 2013 4:20PM
On July 30th, 1966, the Beatle album "Yesterday and Today" reached #1 on the Billboard charts and stayed there for 5 weeks. But the original "Butcher Cover" caused controversy and cost the record company hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix. Capitol records originally shipped 750,000 copies, that they had to recall. They pasted new covers over the "Butcher Cover". They Beatles reportedly were upset with how the record company "butchered" their albums from the original UK release to the American release. The Butcher covers have become a sought after Beatle collectible, fetching thousands of dollars, depending on the type and condition. . Do you have a "Butcher" copy?
More on the story here:

Collector’s Corner – ‘Yesterday And Today’ (and the infamous ‘Butcher Cover’)

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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 29 2013 4:20PM
Clue : he celebrates his birthday today.

Can You Guess the Artist in This Yearbook Photo?

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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 26 2013 4:20PM
On July 26th, 1943, Sir Michael Philip Jagger was born in Kent, England. The lead singer for The Rolling Stones for over 50 years, Mick received his Knighthood in 2003. Here's a list of the Top Ten Mick Jagger Rolling Stones songs. Do you agree? What would you add?

Top 10 Mick Jagger Rolling Stones Songs

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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 25 2013 4:20PM
On July 25th, 1965, Bob Dylan stunned the crowd at the Newport Folk Festival when he strapped on a Fender Stratocaster and plugged in. A legendary moment in rock and roll history occurred when he strode onstage with the Butterfield Blues Band and did a 15 minute "electric" set to a chorus of boos from the folk purists. He came back out and did a couple of acoustic tunes, but he'd made his statement, , , Bob Dylan was a rock & roller. Check out some clips of the show in the video below.

Bob Dylan - Live at the Newport Folk Festival

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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 24 2013 4:33PM
You decide. Released to theaters on July 24th ,1978, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band could be one of the worst movies ever made. It was panned by critics and bombed at the box office. But it does have it's fans. It stars The Bee Gees, Peter Frampton, and  George Burns with appearances by Aerosmith and Alice Cooper. Check out the trailer, and if you've never seen the movie, you can get it online at the link below. Let us know how you liked it. 

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Movie Trailer

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - YouTube

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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 23 2013 4:20PM
July 23rd, 1965, Saul Hudson was born in Stoke-onTrent, England, but grew up in the Los Angeles area where he learned how to play the guitar. He was inspired to do that after hearing Aerosmith's "Rocks" album. And quite the guitar player he became. . .we know him as the top hat wearing Slash from Guns 'n' Roses, the band he left in 1996. He's since played with Slash's Snakepit and then Velvet Revolver. Happy Birthday to Slash. Check out what he's up to today on his website :


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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 22 2013 4:09PM
Don Henley was born on July 22nd, 1947 in Gilmer, Texas. Founding member, drummer, singer and songwriter of the Eagles, he's also had a very successful solo career. Here's a list of the top 10 Don Henley solo efforts 

Top 10 Don Henley Songs

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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 19 2013 4:20PM
Brian May of Queen!! Born on July 19th, 1947, Brian Harold May is probably the only member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who has a Ph.D in astrophysics, which he received from Imperial College in 2007. He is also a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, an honor he received in 2005 for services to the music industry and for his charity work. But it’s his guitar playing that has captivated us all these years. Not only a great guitar player, he’s also written a number of their biggest hits : We Will Rock You, Fat Bottomed Girls, Tie Your Mother Down, and many more. Happy 66th Birthday to Brian May of Queen. What’s your favorite Queen song? 
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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 18 2013 4:20PM
Over their 50 year history, members of The Rolling Stones have been busted 11 times. But on July 18th, 1972, their bust almost caused a riot. They were scheduled to perform at the Boston Garden, but their plane was diverted to Warwick, Rhode Island due to fog. While they were waiting for ground transportation to take them to Boston, an overly aggressive photographer got into a scuffle with Keith Richards. The photographer called the police who arrested Keith for assault. Mick Jagger tried to intervene explaining we have a show to get to. He was arrested for interfering with Keith’s arrest. So they were both hauled off to jail. Meanwhile, thousands of fans packed the Boston Garden, waiting for the Stones to appear. The crowd was getting restless and Boston Mayor Kevin White was worried about a riot breaking out, so he contacted the authorities in Rhode Island and had Mick and Keith bailed out of jail then arranged a 6 car police escort to get them to the Garden. He told the crowd “The Stones have been busted, but I’ve sprung them”. The concert finally began after midnight, and riot was averted. Check out Keith and Mick’s mugshots from that night, and a link to some of their other busts.

Rolling Stones Arrest History: 11 Brushes with the Law

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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 17 2013 4:30PM
On July 17TH, 1968, The Beatles animated film Yellow Submarine premiered in London to favorable reviews. The story takes place in Pepperland, under attack from the Blue Meanies , with the Beatles coming to the rescue. The Beatles did not contribute their voices to the film; several actors were employed to impersonate the characters. But, they did supply the music, and made a cameo appearance at the end of the film. The Beatles originally had asked their friend artist peter Max to work on the film, but he was unable to commit to the year it would take to produce it, so he was not involved. One of the many animators on the project was Ron Campbell,  a guest at The Rock's recent Classic Rock Art Show.  There were a number of Beatles songs that made an appearance in the film, but only 4 new songs were included on the soundtrack : Only a Northern Song, All Together Now, Hey Bulldog and It's All Too Much. The film was digitally restored and released on DVD and Blu Ray last year. Have you seen the restored version? It looks amazing on Blu Ray. Check out the video on our video page.
Here's some animation from  the film :
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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 16 2013 3:58PM
My favorite is still Disraeli Gears, with Sunshine of Your Love, Strange Brew, Tales of Brave Ulysses and SWLABR.  The band formed on July 16th, 1966.  Ginger Baker suggested to Eric Clapton that they form a band, and Clapton agreed if Jack Bruce was included, which he was. The first "supergroup" lasted a little over 2 years. Their last album, Goodbye, was released in 1969 after the band had called it quits. They reunited in 2005 for several shows in London and New York. Check out a video from one of the London shows on our video page.
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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 15 2013 6:03PM
Paul McCartney put on a great show this past Friday at National Park in DC. The 71 year old played almost 40 songs in 2 1/2 hours. One highlight for me was the Jimi Hendrix "Foxey Lady" jam. See the video below. Paul then told a story about seeing Jimi in concert 2 days after the Sgt. Pepper album was released, and Hendrix was playing Sgt. Pepper on stage! Paul tips his hat to him.
Here's Sir Paul's set list from Friday night.

Paul McCartney Setlist at Nationals Park, Washington

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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 12 2013 1:24PM
Happy 54th  Birthday to Richie Sambora, guitarist with Bon Jovi, born on July 11th, 1959. Currently on "hiatus" from Bon Jovi. No word on why, or when he'll be back. Here's Richie and Jon Bon Jovi in happier days.
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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 10 2013 4:29PM
On this date in 1965, The Rolling Stones score their first #1 hit in America with (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction. It stayed in the top spot on the charts for 4 weeks. Keith Richards came up with the recognizable guitar lick when he woke up from a dream, picked up his guitar, recorded onto a cassette and promptly went back to sleep, the recorder capturing 45 minutes of him snoring. The song featured Keith playing through a Gibson Fuzzbox. 
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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 9 2013 5:18PM
On this date in 1946, Ronald Belford Scott was born in Scotland. His family moved to Australia when he was 6, and in 1974 he became the lead singer of AC/DC until his death in 1980. Bon Scot would have been 67 years old today.
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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 9 2013 12:33PM
One of the strangest double bills in rock history, Jimi Hendrix Experience opens for The Monkees. It lasts only 7 shows.
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by Jeff Beck posted Jul 3 2013 11:34AM
Remembering Jim Morrison who passed away on this date in 1971.

The Doors - When The Music's Over (LIVE IN EUROPE 1968)

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