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Among the achievements I'm most proud of, I'm a certified mixologist, which makes me a popular guest at parties.  I also raise champion Golden Retrievers: The best dogs in the world.  Now on to the music.  I've had the honor to interview so many of the great rock artists that we play here on The Rock.  It's a dream come true for a kid who grew up when all these great songs were brand new.  Like you, I never stopped loving them. 

I might be moving to Colorado

by Tony Scott posted Jan 2 2014 2:05PM
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Location : Colorado
01/02/2014 2:06PM
I might be moving to Colorado
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01/10/2014 4:29PM
Let's Stop Fracking in King George
Hi Tony, I love your radio station. I also have a special connection to Bowling Green as I teach yoga there every Monday night. You should come to a class:) I am very concerned about the fracking that BP is starting in King George next month. This is a very hazardous process that will contaminate our water table leading to the destruction of plant & animal life. Would you be willing to help me get the message out to the public? Yoko Ono helped to stop the fracking in NY. I have sent several messages to Willie Nelson asking him to lend his star power & universal love to our movement. We all know the devastation BP wreaked & is still wreaking in the Gulf. They cannot be trusted. Thank you for your time & consideration. Let's rawk this issue & the community together, it is the only way we will win. Your's in rock, Kristin M. Pacello
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