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People always ask me where "Christal Blue" came from.  The short answer is: my father is a sailor who digs Tommy James.  Yes, as in the song Crystal Blue Persuasion.  The "persuasive" part is up for interpretation.  I would love to persuade you to check in here from time to time.  You'll find tid bits about my favorite artists, stories I think you'll find interesting, and (when the mood strikes) my humble opinions.  
Comment all you want, and just remember...flattery will get you everywhere.

Posts from October 2013
by Christal Blue posted Oct 9 2013 3:49PM
Today would have been John Lennon's 73rd Birthday.  I bet he's being serenaded at that big rock concert in the sky.  Happy Birthday John.  We still miss you every day.  

Click the link for a really cool video tribute and information on an upcoming tribute concert.

On John Lennon’s birthday, performers at tribute concert announced | Toronto Star

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by Christal Blue posted Oct 4 2013 1:38PM
If you're a parent, one of your most important duties is to make sure your kids see all the cool movies you remember from your own childhood.  (Seriously.  It's even in the Dr. Spock books.  Look it up.)   

With that in mind, has put together a list of the 25 Movies from the '80s That Every Kid Should See.  

Here they are, broken down by age-appropriateness  . . .    
For the Little Ones:   
 1.  "E.T.",  1982   
 2.  "The Little Mermaid",  1989   
 3.  "Flight of the Navigator",  1986   
 4.  "An American Tail",  1986   
 5.  "The Fox and the Hound",  1981   
 6.  "The Land Before Time",  1988   
 For Kids 8+   
 7.  "The Princess Bride",  1987   
 8.  "War Games",  1983   
 9.  "BeatStreet",  1984   
 10.  "Beetlejuice",  1988   
 11.  "Gremlins",  1984   
 12.  "Ghostbusters",  1984   
 13.  "Who Framed Roger Rabbit",  1988   
 14.  "Girls Just Want To Have Fun",  1985   
 15.  "The Goonies",  1985   
 For Teens 13+   
 16.  "The Breakfast Club",  1985   
17.  "Adventures in Babysitting",  1987   
 18.  "Back to the Future",  1985   
 19.  "The Outsiders",  1983   
20.  "Fast Times at Ridgemont High",  1982   
 21.  "Ferris Bueller's Day Off",  1986   
 22.  "The Lost Boys",  1987   
 23.  "Lean On Me",  1989   
 24.  "Shag",  1989   
 25.  "Say Anything",  1989   

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by Christal Blue posted Oct 3 2013 1:59PM
Remember these guys? Awesome new set coming out soon!  And you thought Summertime Girls was all you'd ever hear from them again! 

Y&T confirm six-album set

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