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People always ask me where "Christal Blue" came from.  The short answer is: my father is a sailor who digs Tommy James.  Yes, as in the song Crystal Blue Persuasion.  The "persuasive" part is up for interpretation.  I would love to persuade you to check in here from time to time.  You'll find tid bits about my favorite artists, stories I think you'll find interesting, and (when the mood strikes) my humble opinions.  
Comment all you want, and just remember...flattery will get you everywhere.

Posts from September 2013
by Christal Blue posted Sep 30 2013 3:57PM
I don't know about you, but I played my "Once Bitten..." cassette until I wore it out.  That was Lorne on bass for Rock Me and so many other great songs from the first three Great White albums.  No official word on cause of death other than he was battling demons for a long time.  Such a shame.  I'm going to crank up Rock Me in his honor...throw up some metal and join me, won't you?  m/

Great White pay tribute to late bassist Black

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by Christal Blue posted Sep 29 2013 1:43PM
And I whole heartedly agree with Rollin Stone when they say it's one of the best albums of all time. 

500 Greatest Albums of All Time: Billy Joel, 'The Stranger' | Rolling Stone

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by Christal Blue posted Sep 27 2013 1:51PM
Stevie! Stevie! Stevie! What, you guys aren't going to chant with me?  Fine.  Just read this, and maybe you will!

Fleetwood Mac album down to Nicks

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by Christal Blue posted Sep 24 2013 2:33PM
I do I do!! What would you ask Sammy Hagar if you had the chance?  GET YOUR QUESTIONS READY!  He's doing an online chat tonight on Google Hangout! This.  Is.  Too.  Cool.  
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by Christal Blue posted Sep 24 2013 12:00PM
A new book tells the story of Lucille, B.B. King's stolen guitar.  Very.  Very.  Cool.

Story of B.B. King’s Stolen “Lucille” In New Book

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by Christal Blue posted Sep 23 2013 7:44PM
Where do I sign?  This new double-disk is going on my wish list.  Will it be on yours?

The Kinks to deliver unreleased tracks | News | Classic Rock

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by Christal Blue posted Sep 19 2013 3:42PM
This Witchy Woman just wanted to take it easy...but her boyfriend wouldn't let her check out of Hotel her mind became Tiffany-twisted.  OK, I'll stop now.  Because it's not funny that she ACTUALLY stabbed him with her steely knife. (That was the last one, I swear!)

Take it easy! Woman stabs her ex-boyfriend for refusing to stop listen

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by Christal Blue posted Sep 17 2013 12:06PM
Nikki Sixx can deny the rumors all he wants, but there WAS a time when Motley Crue thought about making Sebastian Bach their front man, and now, there's PROOF.  Check it out - along with a great video of Sebastian covering Crue's "Live Wire."  Two thumbs WAY WAY UP from this girl!
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by Christal Blue posted Sep 13 2013 11:14AM
I LOVE the thought of NEW music from Queen!  Brian May, you're the MAN! 
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by Christal Blue posted Sep 12 2013 10:24AM
If what's on his shirt is any indication, this is sure to be Mike Myer's BEST work.  Don't you think?

Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon: Toronto Review

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by Christal Blue posted Sep 11 2013 9:46AM
How about you?

Hendrix home movies in new documentary

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by Christal Blue posted Sep 10 2013 10:19AM
At a campsite in Western Australia over the weekend, a group of campers woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of cans crunching.  So they went outside, and found a wild PIG drinking their beer.  

And apparently the pig wasn't just looking to get buzzed . . . because it ended up polishing off EIGHTEEN cans.  Then it got hungry, tore through some trash bags, and ate a bunch of garbage.  

And I guess that much booze makes even a PIG pick fights with the wrong people.  Because next it decided to go after a much bigger COW that happened to be roaming around nearby.  

The pig eventually ran away, and was last seen lying under a tree . . . apparently trying to sleep off the hangover.

This is what would happen if I had 18 beers.  Especially the part about the cow.  I'm not proud.  That's why I stick to rum.

Read the whole story and see me (I mean the pig) trying to recover under a tree here:

Feral pig pinches multiple six-packs of beer and runs riot at Pilbara camp sites - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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by Christal Blue posted Sep 9 2013 12:49PM
Some quotes from an old JOHN LENNON interview with the "Village Voice" have surfaced . . . and in them, John said that it was ROUGH getting through recording THE BEATLES' last album, "Let It Be".     

He said, quote, "We were going through hell.  We often do.  It's torture every time we produce anything.  The Beatles haven't got any magic you haven't got.  We suffer like hell anytime we make anything, and we got each other to contend with.  Imagine working with the Beatles, it's tough.  There's just tension.  It's tense every time the red light [in the recording studio] goes on."     

John also called "Let It Be" a, quote, "strange album" . . . and added, quote, "We never really finished it.  We didn't really want to do it.  PAUL [MCCARTNEY] was hustling for us to do it.  It's The Beatles with their suits off."     

The tape of the interview had been lost in the writer's New York home for four decades, but it's going up for auction.  It's expected to sell for up to $10,000.  

(The interview was conducted just after they finished the album.)

So gather up your cash, this interview could be YOURS.  Would you bid on it?  I would!
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by Christal Blue posted Sep 6 2013 11:32AM
As least that's what I choose to believe.  Regardless, this is a very cool inside look at Jimi's last gig.  Check it out, and have a great weekend!  (See you at Chili Fest!)

Jimi Hendrix’s Last Gig – The Inside Story

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by Christal Blue posted Sep 5 2013 12:44PM
Or is Anthony Weiner simply the WORST politician EVER?  I mean, yes, I know we've had crack smokin', intern lovin', womanizers in every branch from State Legislature to the Oval Office.  But this guy REALLY sucks at his job. (No pun intended...well OK, maybe a little bit intended)  Perhaps he's just bad at campaigning.  Chalk this video up to yet another ON the record idiotic episode in the story of Anthony Weiner.  Enjoy.  And L'Shana Tova.

Anthony Weiner -- Celebrates Rosh Hashanah ... By Screaming at Jew [Update]

P.S.  I KINDA give the guy a pass since he was defending his wife, but still. He needs to have a seat, after all, no one has disrespected his wife more than he has. 
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by Christal Blue posted Sep 4 2013 12:42PM
William Shatner can do no wrong in my eyes.  I HAVE the Shatoetry app on my iPhone. (Oh you don't know about Shatoetry?  Search your app store for it!) 

This just plain makes me happy.  Shat + Vai + Jones = Rock Genius.  I mean.  C'mon!  It's Captain James T Kirk!

Star Trek Shatner makes prog album

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by Christal Blue posted Sep 3 2013 12:16PM
They had to come out with this. If anyone's looking for me, I'll be playing Angry Birds.  Who's with me?
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