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People always ask me where "Christal Blue" came from.  The short answer is: my father is a sailor who digs Tommy James.  Yes, as in the song Crystal Blue Persuasion.  The "persuasive" part is up for interpretation.  I would love to persuade you to check in here from time to time.  You'll find tid bits about my favorite artists, stories I think you'll find interesting, and (when the mood strikes) my humble opinions.  
Comment all you want, and just remember...flattery will get you everywhere.

Posts from August 2013
by Christal Blue posted Aug 30 2013 10:35AM
Sir Paul has a new song, aptly titled "New" and he says he's not going anywhere.  That's music to my ears.  Pun most certainly intended!

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by Christal Blue posted Aug 28 2013 12:09PM
If you ask Mick Mars, his health is NOT the reason for the impending retirement of Motley Crue.  Then WHYYYYYY? (Sorry, was that out loud?)

Crue split not down to me, says Mars

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by Christal Blue posted Aug 26 2013 11:19AM
Joan Jett doesn't see the point in a Runaways Reunion. *sad face* 

I GUESS the new album will just have to pacify me. 
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by Christal Blue posted Aug 23 2013 6:18AM
This just sounds gross.  First, who buys someone's tooth?  How does he even know it's really John Lennon's????  I don't know, this gave me the creeps.  And I'm not so sure the world is ready for a Beatle clone! What do you think?

Lennon tooth owner aims to clone Beatle

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by Christal Blue posted Aug 21 2013 11:00AM
Vince Neil TRIED to do a show for charity along with Slaughter and Great White, but somewhere a garbage truck had another idea.  This is the kind of thing that can ONLY happen in Rock N Roll, am I right?
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by Christal Blue posted Aug 19 2013 9:58AM
Over the weekend, we almost lost both RATT and DOKKEN when a plane carrying both bands was forced to make an emergency landing.  Dokken bassist Sean McNabb says that smoke appeared in the plane's cockpit when they reached 7,000 feet so the pilots put on oxygen masks, and turned it around.  

He said it smelled like it could've been an electrical fire.  Fortunately, they landed fine, and no one was hurt.  The smoke didn't enter the cabin, so the bands weren't in any real danger, you know, aside from the VERY REAL possibility that the pilots passed out, or that something was wrong with the plane, and the whole thing went down.  

The bands were making a short, 170-mile trip across Illinois for a show in the Chicago area on Saturday.  After the plane mishap, they hopped in some SUVs and still made it to the gig on-time.  Now THAT'S Rock N' Roll.  Or should I say RATT and Roll!  Sorry, couldn't help myself. -CB

Plane Carrying Heavy Metal Bands Ratt, Dokken Makes Emergency Landing

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by Christal Blue posted Aug 16 2013 10:47AM
I'm not sure how to feel about this. I GUESS it's cool.  But then, does Arena Football really count?  KISS ARMY, what do you think?

KISS Launching Their Own Pro Football Team

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by Christal Blue posted Aug 14 2013 6:12PM
September 7th isn't just the day we're having our annual ChiliFest!  It's also the 45th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's first concert.  Of course, if you want to celebrate you'll have to go all the way to Denmark to do it.  Why don't you just come to ChiliFest instead?  Brady, Jeff, and I will get the Led out with you.  Same thing, right?  
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by Christal Blue posted Aug 13 2013 2:05PM
You would be wrong.  But that's OK! Sammy's not heartbroken over it and says you shouldn't be either.  Click the link to see a great video of Sammy playing with Kid Rock and Joe rocks!

Hagar: Let Van Halen finish their own way

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by Christal Blue posted Aug 12 2013 10:32AM
Who deserves a spot on the Classic Rock Roll of Honour 2013?  Get your votes in now!

Classic Rock Roll Of Honour 2013 – voting open now!

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by Christal Blue posted Aug 9 2013 12:59PM
A new website, Twitter, Facebook, heck he's even got a shiny new Google+ page! (Does anyone still use Google+?) 

AND you can score a free download if you join Robert in the social media world.  HASHTAG AWESOME!  
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by Christal Blue posted Aug 7 2013 11:43AM
Let the KISS Army rejoice!  A new ROCK-u-mentary (what? They don't call them that anymore?) is in the works.  And if we know anything about KISS it will be mass-marketed within an inch of it's life.  I'll enjoy it anyway.  How about you?

Alan G Parker to direct Kiss documentary

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by Christal Blue posted Aug 5 2013 2:25PM
Over the weekend I attended the Premiere Gala of Les Miserable at the Riverside.  It was a beautiful night, the gala was very well attended, everyone looked wonderful, the food was amazing, and the show...well the show was PHENOMENAL.  

I highly recommend it to ANYONE  who loves this show.  David Michael Felty (Jean Valjean) is off the charts brilliant (he's played the role hundreds of times).  The entire cast will blow you away with their incredible voices, and the incredible staging makes this show one I plan to see again.  In fact, t's a good thing it runs through November, because I may see it a FEW more times. 

Here, have a sneak peek:

Les Miserables

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by Christal Blue posted Aug 2 2013 6:44PM
and you think "I know that voice" but you can't quite figure out who it is?  Well this is an EYE-OPENING list of Celebrities who've voiced characters.  It's hard not to exclaim I KNEW IT!! 

35 Cartoons You Never Realized Were Voiced By Celebrities

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by Christal Blue posted Aug 1 2013 3:49PM
You see these guys at every race, 5k to marathons, servicemen and women who run in their fatigues carrying 40lbs (or more) of gear on their backs.  We saw them not long ago in Boston, and then again right here at the SemperFred 5k and Historic Half Marathon.  

They do it for their fallen brothers and sisters, and to encourage those they run alongside.  This particular Marine is 19 year old Lance Cpl. Myles Kerr, and the 9 year old he's running with was separated from his group and fell behind.  

Lance Cpl. Kerr took up the run beside him...and stayed with him all the way to the finish.  Well, ALMOST all the way.  He fell back and let his young companion beat him by 5 seconds.  SEMPER FI!!

Marine becomes Internet sensation for race photo

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