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People always ask me where "Christal Blue" came from.  The short answer is: my father is a sailor who digs Tommy James.  Yes, as in the song Crystal Blue Persuasion.  The "persuasive" part is up for interpretation.  I would love to persuade you to check in here from time to time.  You'll find tid bits about my favorite artists, stories I think you'll find interesting, and (when the mood strikes) my humble opinions.  
Comment all you want, and just remember...flattery will get you everywhere.

Posts from July 2013
by Christal Blue posted Jul 31 2013 6:31PM
I'll admit, I am getting pretty tired of Anthony (and his) Weiner. But this made me chuckle.  I only hope Mr. Weiner takes Kristin Chenoweth's advice to become the RIGHT kind of popular.  Click through the article to see the video! 

And since we're on the subject, do you think this guy needs to pull out (no pun intended) of the mayoral race, or does he stand a chance of being NYC's next Mayor?

Kristin Chenoweth Sings Anthony Weiner-Inspired 'Popular' Parody (Video)

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by Christal Blue posted Jul 30 2013 1:05PM
Lou Gramm went home to Rochester, NY to sing the National Anthem! How cool is this?  The cell phone video isn't great, but you can hear everything!  Enjoy!

Lou Gramm Sings National Anthem at Minor-League Game

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by Christal Blue posted Jul 29 2013 11:10AM
"Give me back my hammer
Give me back my nail
Give me back my jeans and my JJ Cale"
From Grace Potter and the Nocturnals "Toothbrush and My Table" -- one of my favorite tunes and a reference to one of the greats.  Think about this, if it weren't for JJ Cale, there would have been no "Cocaine," no "After Midnight," no "Call Me The Breeze."   So you can certainly understand why after a bad break up, all a girl would want back is her JJ Cale.  Rest in peace.

JJ Cale: ‘Send me the money, let the younger guys have the fame’

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by Christal Blue posted Jul 26 2013 11:51AM
Check out this preview of the Aerosmith Live DVD from the tour of Japan that Steven Tyler says saved the band - and I'm SO GLAD IT DID!

Video: Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion live in Japan

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by Christal Blue posted Jul 25 2013 12:24PM
I don't usually like to think of anyone DYING, but if you're gonna make the statement that you can "now die happy" I guess Ozzy Osbourne has every right to.  Check it out:
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by Christal Blue posted Jul 24 2013 8:30PM
And have you seen these guys?  They are AMAZING.  A pair of brothers who joined the Marines together and served in Iraq, came home and started a band and NOW they're rockin the stage at Radio City Music Hall on America's Got Talent.  Oh, and did I mention...they're covering the Beatles...

American Hitmen America's Got Talent 2013

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by Christal Blue posted Jul 24 2013 12:57PM
Check this out! This new documentary series follows Def Leppard around Sin City - on and OFF stage.  I'm interested, are you?

Def Leppard to star in documentary series

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by Christal Blue posted Jul 23 2013 12:28PM
As BRILLIANT as that may have been, Sacha bowed out of the movie over creative differences.  Sources say he wanted to do an R-rated tell-all about Freddie's life, while the members of Queen wanted it to be a softer movie focusing on the band.  And they have the final say.

Personally, while I think Sacha was a great choice for this role, he's GOT to respect the wishes of the band.  It's not about what he wants, it's about the way QUEEN wants Freddie portrayed.  But that's just my humble opinion, what do you think?  Please comment!

Freddie biopic in more trouble

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by Christal Blue posted Jul 22 2013 12:54PM
Personally, I found Beanie Babies extremely annoying back in the day.  But had I known about OBSCENIES I'd have been a LOT more interested!!  Leave it to Tom Hamilton's twisted mind.  Read on:

Aerosmith bassist’s rude toy trouble

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by Christal Blue posted Jul 20 2013 9:45PM
1978:  Def Leppard made their live debut at Westfield School, Sheffield, England in front of 150 students.

1987:  The album "Girls, Girls, Girls", by Motley Crue, was certified Gold and Platinum!  (It went Quadruple Platinum in June of 1995.)

1993:  Guns N’ Roses appeared at River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in front of 80,000 people, the final show on their Use Your Illusion Tour. A highlight of the night was English drummer Cozy Powell playing drums with Matt Sorum, dressed as a Domino's Pizza delivery boy.
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by Christal Blue posted Jul 19 2013 1:43PM
And fellas, if you're thinking about trying to get lucky this weekend, keep this in mind:
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by Christal Blue posted Jul 18 2013 5:02PM
As the host of Rogaine Rock, I often find myself wondering what has become of the hair bands that I love so much.  Some are tough to find, others are still out there, rocking just as hard as they've ever been.  One band from the glory days that's still out there making new music and filling venues is Skid Row.   Yeah buddy.

The line up is a little different these days, and seeing Johhny Solinger out front will NEVER disappoint hard core Skid Row fans that have been around since the beginning.  (And no, I'm not just saying that because he follows me on Twitter. Hi Johnny!)

Sebastian singing I Remember You will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart.  But Johnny's got the look, the presence, and the vocals to bring the house down.  Oh you want proof?  They'll be at the Phase 2 in Lynchburg, VA on August 15th, see for yourself!

I love Skid Row just as much now as I did then, and that's why they made my FIRST Throwback Thursday Blog.  Who do you think should make it next Thursday?  Is there a band you want me to find for you?  Leave your comments and I'll put on my Sherlock Holmes hat.  (OK, let's be real...I'll Google them.)  

P.S. Rogaine Rock is EVERY Saturday night at 9pm!   m/
Photo credit:
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by Christal Blue posted Jul 17 2013 11:35AM
I admit, I've seldom turned down a Vodka drink.  So it piqued my interest when I read about Tatuado Vodka from Vince Neil.  Says here it's a FIVE TIMES FILTERED Vodka.  What the heck does that mean?  Will it taste good with Orange Juice?  How about with Peach Schnapps? (What? I'm a chick!!) That's what I need to know.  Can it compete with Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Rum?  I dunno...but I'm VERY willing to line up a couple shots for a taste test.  Who's buying?  
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by Christal Blue posted Jul 16 2013 11:17AM
From the TOO COOL FILES: Jason Bonham has a plan to play alongside a HOLOGRAM of his legendary father.  Can we just start cheering RIGHT NOW?  

John Bonham hologram plan by son Jason | News | Classic Rock

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by Christal Blue posted Jul 15 2013 11:35AM
Tommy Lee took to his Facebook page to rant and rave about being a celebrity in 2013, and he called out everyone, ESPECIALLY Reality TV stars.  Which is odd, because wasn't HE on Reality TV not long ago?  And didn't HIS celebrity sex tape pave the way for the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian?  I guess he's just fed up with all of us!  Quick, click the link and take what's coming to you!
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by Christal Blue posted Jul 14 2013 7:05AM
How awesome would it be to write lyrics for music written by your favorite rock band?  That's exactly what one Foghat fan got to do.  The all-instrumental song 495 Boogie will now be known as The Word of Rock N' Roll.  Check it out...


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by Christal Blue posted Jul 11 2013 10:28AM
Sammy's wearing his sunglasses...and I can't deny, the Red Rocker looks pretty damn cool in the new Tribute book called "Shades of Elvis."
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by Christal Blue posted Jul 10 2013 11:07AM
Tommy Shaw and the boys from Styx bring ROCK TO THE RESCUE!!
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by Christal Blue posted Jul 9 2013 8:32PM
Which version of Queensryche do you want?  The judge says we get TWO...and Geoff Tate is OK with it because the DRAMA is good for business!
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by Christal Blue posted Jul 8 2013 2:06PM
Kip Winger (A.K.A. the prettiest front man of the 80's) is GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER! 
Don't argue, it's a fact, when it came to 80's hair bands, Kip Winger's smile (not to mention his chest hair) made the ladies swoon.  He still looks DAMN GOOD, and he's getting the guys back together for a show in New Mexico this August.  Follow the link for the details, and enjoy a little Kip Winger sexiness THEN and NOW!
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by Christal Blue posted Jul 3 2013 4:42PM
Dr. Feelgood would be proud. Wait, what?

Have a drink on Sixx.. but he won’t join you

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by Christal Blue posted Jul 2 2013 10:53AM
Who's coming with me??

Aerosmith movie coming to UK cinemas

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by Christal Blue posted Jul 1 2013 6:15PM
I can't take the tension between Jon and Richie.  I need Richie Sambora back on the road with Bon Jovi.  Like NOW.  This video from TMZ gives me a little hope.

Richie Sambora -- Livin' On a Prayer ... Of Reconciliation?

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